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Primary Category: Shooting

Secondary Categories: Action, Shooting, Adventure

Content Rating: Everyone


You are Robo Wasp, a robotic insect sworn to defend the solar system from evil bugs. Shoot down robotic dragon flies, bees and mosquitoes, dodge bombs, comets, asteroids, radiation and much more. Robo Wasp is ready, are you?


Begin the game with 100 Points. Subtract 5 Points for every shot fired. No Points - No Ammo. Complete all 6 levels to submit your highscore.

Control Scheme:

G: Un Pause

P: Pause

fire: space

movement: mouse

Tags: robo, wasp, shooter, shooting, animation, space, insects, bugs, fike, strategy, rhythm, en

Size: 640x480

Tag: 76a8e36dc7f1d0f5

Slug: robo-wasp_v893417 - Play free flash games

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